The Catholic Peace Foundation

stiftung“Peace begins in the mind” is the gui­ding princip­le of the Catho­lic Peace Foun­da­ti­on (Katho­li­sche Frie­dens­stif­tung). The goal of the foun­da­ti­on is to appro­pria­te funds for the Insti­tu­te for Theo­lo­gy and Peace.

Imma­nu­el Kant cap­tures the essence of this chal­len­ge: “Peace must be endo­wed.” Peace is not, like our hands or our heart, in the natu­ral make-up of man. We must deve­lop and pro­tect peace with all our strength – but first we must begin with our ratio­na­li­ty. The chal­len­ge begins with the defi­ni­ti­on. If the world is unab­le to find a com­mon under­stan­ding about what peace is, how can it be pos­si­ble to secu­re peace uni­ver­sal­ly, regard­less of cul­tu­re or religion?

The Catho­lic Peace Foun­da­ti­on needs peop­le who sup­port rese­arch, publi­ca­ti­on and tea­ching. Ser­vice to peace is a gift to man­kind and a dedi­ca­ti­on to Christ. As a bene­fac­tor you affect socie­ty – reaching bey­ond your own lifespan – just like the wis­dom of the gre­at thinkers.

With the Catho­lic Peace Foun­da­ti­on you can also beco­me a peace benefactor.

Catho­lic Peace Foun­da­ti­on (DE)