Just Peace: Orthodox Perspectives


Des­pi­te their lar­ge­ly paci­fist ori­gins, Chris­tia­ni­ty and Chris­ti­an tra­di­ti­ons can claim only limi­ted suc­cess in their efforts to con­ci­lia­te con­flict, avoid vio­lence, and stop war. The emi­nent con­tri­bu­tors to this deeply reflec­ti­ve book belie­ve it is time to look to the East, to the very dif­fe­rent per­spec­ti­ves among Ortho­dox Chris­ti­ans, on issu­es of war and the jus­ti­ce that must under­gird peace. From Euro­pe and Rus­sia, as well as the Midd­le East and Asia, two dozen Ortho­dox theo­lo­gi­ans and church peop­le cast the clas­sic dilem­mas of war and peace, mili­ta­ry ser­vice, just war, and reli­gious natio­na­lism into a deeper theo­lo­gi­cal frame­work. The book exami­nes: the his­to­ri­cal cha­rac­te­riz­a­ti­ons of Ortho­do­xy in a varie­ty of set­tings and nati­ons (Greece, Ori­en­tal Chris­tia­ni­ty, Bul­ga­ria, Arme­nia, Wes­tern Euro­pe, etc.) * dilem­mas of natio­na­lism for the church­es * the Rus­si­an Ortho­dox Church and the mili­ta­ry * the inva­si­on of Iraq * glo­ba­liz­a­ti­on * fun­da­men­ta­lism * inter­re­li­gious ten­si­ons * the eccle­si­al voca­ti­on of peacemaking.

Ale­xi­us Che­ha­deh, Mari­an Gh. Simi­on, Semeg­nish Asfay
ISBN 978-2825415542 · Gene­va · 2012